My Long Term Vision: Building Communities

mandy blog 10.30I recently established a long term goal for my future, which had been an on-going discussion in my head. About 5 years ago, I wanted to be a career missionary, going from city to city trying to help build communities. Now, I am thinking about a career in marketing or communications.How did this happen?

Well prior to entering college, I had chosen to pursue a degree in Business, specifically in marketing and international business. Based on my personal experiences, I knew if I did not end up becoming a missionary, I would still enjoy a job in this field.

The biggest surprise to me was how many different aspects of the business world related to marketing. Therefore, I made it a goal to experience as many of these options as I could before I graduate.

Initially I was active on campus and conducted several marketing campaigns for student groups and also for events put on by some of the graduate schools. Then I moved to the big leagues, testing the waters as a sales representative for Northwestern Mutual. Now, through my internship at GLA Communications, I am developing new skills and abilities that are necessary in the public relations field. And from these diverse experiences, I learned a few things that are guiding me toward my next pursuit.

The first thing I discovered was I do not like using social media, however, I have learned more about how to use it effectively and see the value in having a digital presence. Secondly, I learned that I am not a salesperson; I can draw people into something that I am passionate about, but I do not enjoy selling products or services directly, I prefer to do it on a grand scale with events that market a brand or company.

One thing I love about the marketing field is that every company needs it. The range of businesses that span across America prove that capitalism allows both big and small companies to develop, grow, and thrive, if they can get their feet off the ground. My opinion is rooted in the way my boss enjoys helping startup companies, because she believes in the possibilities the same way that I do.

As these internships and job opportunities have helped steer me in my journey, I continue to build my long term vision, and this is a new twist: I want to help the small companies. I want to work with companies who have a market in countries that need business in order to build their economy, and I want to help them grow in these international markets.